Friendly Soap

We have worked with our friends at Friendly ever since we started. Friendly Soap is quite simply a lovely company with a genuine passion for and dedication to quality.

Friendly use the traditional Cold Process method of natural handmade soap making. That process generates zero by-product and allows them to carefully choose every ingredient and make natural handmade soap that is

Earth friendly, Animal friendly and Skin friendly.

Friendly Soap is proudly registered with both the Vegan Society and Buav (Cruelty Free).

Friendly Soap only contain natural oils such as Coconut, Olive, Shea, Cocoa and Castor oil for their beneficial properties. No palm oil is used anywhere. Essential oils, flowers, spices and herbs are used to scent, colour and gently ex-foliate. That’s it. Nothing else.

Friendly Soap is totally opposed to using harmful preservatives or foaming agents, believing there is simply no need for SLS or Parabens.

The incredible silky smooth lather our natural handmade soap produces and its long life are completely down to the cold process method and the careful choice of ingredients.

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