Our Values

  • Respect

    1. We care for the environment. From the bottom of our hearts we present you with a wide selection of products that limit waste thus saving the world and all its inhabitants from unnecessary plastic and chemicals.

    2. We care for human welfare and ascertain that our products are manufactured in a socially responsible and highly ethical manner

    3. We care for and value consumer satisfaction and take great pride in ascertaining high quality and sustainability in all products right down to their packaging

    4. We care for animal welfare and avoid using ingredients known to disrupt or destroy animal habitats

  • Moderation

    1. We encourage responsible consumption through offering quality rather than quantity of each individual product

    2. We strive to minimize excessive packaging of products to save ressources and avoid to the highest possible extent use of plastics in packaging

    3. We seek to moderate pollution by using natural alternatives to substitute synthetic and plastic products

    4. We do not carry products that do not serve a purpose for the environment

  • Tolerance

    1. We have products for everyone. No matter your beliefs or preferences, we have products that may help you care for and respect the environment

    2. We seek company partners that allow for a diverse workforce offering a living wage

  • Excellence

    1. We strive for the highest quality at attractive prices to make sustainability both affordable and viable for every social class

    2. We strive for utmost consumer satisfaction and actively communicate with our customers and suppliers to provide a measurable consumer satisfaction rating of 99% or bette

    3. We operate our business in an ethical manner in line with good business practice

    4. Through a combination of our core values we strive to earn every consumers trust

    5. Our path to excellence in sustainable development can only come from trust in our ability to fulfill expectations

  • Discipline

    1. Our company and our business partners are ethical companies who have been purposefully sought out

    2. We do not accept nor tolerate misconduct, neither in our company nor with partners

  • Equity

    1. In conducting our business, we believe in creating opportunities for everyone

    2. We look for opportunities that may provide opportunity and welfare for those who are in need

    3. We seek out suppliers and partners who want a collaborative relationship where business is beneficial for all partners

  • Transparency

    1. We go to great length to ensure full transparency for our products and our company

    2. We continually reevaluate research and findings about ingredients or claims of our products offered and openly communicate with customers if there are changes.

    3. We are not afraid to admit to new evidence or findings and remove items from our stock lists should new evidence become available that does not meet the high bar of expectations we se