Alepia's unique and exclusive range of natural soaps and body care products, carefully formulated using only premium quality raw ingredients and created by our master artisan soap maker using skills passed down through many generations.
Founded in 2005, Alépia found it's wings after a meeting between two exceptional men.

During a trip to Syria in 2006, Dr Constantini, founder of Alépia, met Mr H. Harastani, a famous master soapmaker in Aleppo.

The meeting brought together two minds passionate about respecting wellbeing of our bodies and our planet.

Agreeing to collaborate, they enthusiastically harnessed the best of the Aleppo soap making tradition with modern science and the highest quality natural ingredients. Nature, purity and sustainability becoming the foundation of the Alépia we see today.

In 2010, a research and development laboratory was built in order to ensure the quality and safety of products, adhering to French and EU regulations.

Due to the war in Syria, it became impossible for our master soapmaker to continue his work in Aleppo and he joined us at our craft factory in Paris. Today all production is done, using skills passed down through the generations, in France.

The soap we make under the control and guidance of Mr Harastani can therefore legitimately claim to preserve it's denomination of "Aleppo Soap".

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